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    While we're waiting for the New Year, watch A Night at the Opera -
    Arias from Italian, French, and German Operas, which premiered on
    Sunday, December 13th. This performance and many others are on our
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Thank you to our Donors
We gratefully acknowledge the generous supports who have made the
Autumn Close Encounters With Music
Virtual Series possible
(Donations Since January 2020):

Richard and Nurit Amdur
Anonymous (2)
Arthur Chu and Jariya Wanapun
Stanley Cohen and Carrie Chen
Neil and Kathleen Chrisman
Michael Gordon
Claudio and Penny Pincus
Kenneth Stahl and Shirley Ripullone


Dr. Roy Aaron, Deborah and Charles Adelman, Robert and Geraldine Becker,
Frederick W. and Candace Beinecke, Jamie and Ethan Berg and Gil Asher,
Helene Berger, Sylvia Blau and Rabbi Samuel Kenner, Gisa Botbol, Charles and Charlotte Buchanan, Don and Maggie Buchwald, Drs. Mark Cannon and Marcia Levy,
Sue and Arnold Cohen, Barbara J. Cooperman, Constance and Dr. Richard Culley,
Margaret Deutsch, Betsy and Jonas Dovydenas, Joanne and Gerald Dreher,
Malka and Eitan Evan, Bruce and Adele Fader, Marcia and Jess Fardella, Deborah and Richard Felder, James and Patricia Fingeroth, Anne Elizabeth Fontaine,
Trevor and Denise Forbes, Lisa Fox-Martin, Audrey and Ralph Friedner, Lynne Galler
and Hezzy Dattner, Dr. Magda Gabor-Hotchkiss, Marilyn Gerhard, William J. Glick and
Nancy Squire, Lawrence Goetz, Dr. Leslie Gold and John Spain, Barbara Greenberg,
Edmund Grossman, David Grunberg, Dan Grunberg, Sharon Grubin and Deborah Lans, Steve and Taly Hahn, Ellen and Scott Hand, Eric and Carol Haythorne, Ruth and
Hans Heuberger, Susan and Pavel Hillel, Beverly and Dave Hosokawa, Gordon and Carole Hyatt, Fred and Marcie Imberman, Neil and Catherine Konstantin, James and
Marian Krauskopf, Michele Levin and Dr. Thomas Naidich, Mimi Lieber, Nancy and
Norman Lipoff, Dr. Andrea Marks and David Warmflash, Betsey McKearnan,
Dr. Fred Mensch, Annette and Michael Miller, Mary and Walter Miller,
Dr. Kevin Morrissey, Purcell Palmer, Sharon and Irving Picard, Karen D. Richards,
Susan and Elihu Rose, Dorothy and Jerome I. Rosenberg, Anne Schnesel,
Jeannine and Peter Schoeffer, Marcie Setlow, Susan and Judd Shoval,
Marilyn Shulklapper, Delanne Stageman, Ronnie and Allan Streichler, Jonathan Swartz,
Garen and Stephen Tolkin, Edith Velmans, Malvina Wasserman, Dr. Harry and
Eileen Weinstein, Jan and Laurie Werner, Michael Wise and Susan Pettee,
WMHT-FM, Beverley Zabriskie


American Endowment Foundation
The T. Backer Fund
Don and Maggie Buchwald Foundation
The Fitzpatrick Trust
Howard Gilman Foundation
Harold Grinspoon Foundation
Konstantin Family Foundation
Massachusetts Cultural Council
May Family Foundation
The Claudio and Penny Pincus Foundation
The Prospect Hill Foundation
The Susan and Elihu Rose Foundation
Shoval Foundation
Scone Foundation
The Sorel Organization
The Velmans Foundation, Inc.
Jerome R. Zipkin Cultural Fund

Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center


Herrington’s Building Supplies
Renaissance Investment Group
Therese Wolfe, Principal | UHY Advisors NY, Inc.


Audrey Adams, Marion F. Adler, Lee Backer, Steve Bader, Jerri Buehler, Harriet Bussel,
Margaret Chapman, John and Sue Corcoran, Adele Cukor, Lawrence Dail,
Neisa DeWitt, Paula Farbman, Roz Forman, Gerda Friedman, Robin and
Peter Goldberg, Eric Greenberg, Sharon Grubin and Deborah Lans, Paul Herklotz,
Chuck Houghton, Johanna Janssen, Dr. Jeffrey Kochman, Stuart and Carol Kuller,
Lee McClelland, Jack Millard and John Cooley, Emanuel Nadelman, Alice Radosh, Margaret Rose, Amy K. White, Gary Schlesinger, Monica Sinclair, Ruth Smith,
Jonathan Swartz, Liana Toscanini, Joan Ury, Bik-Kee Vuong, Ann West,
Roxann Steinberg Whitaker, Mara Winn, Jerome Yavarkovsky and Catherine Lowe,
Robert Youdelman

We gratefully acknowledge the generous supporters who have made this year's Berkshire High Peaks Festival possible:


Anonymous, Donna Bernstein, Kathleen and Neil Chrisman, Arthur Chu,
Kenneth Stahl, Irene Schultz

Richard and Nurit Amdur, Stanley Cohen and Carrie Chen, E. Evan Foundation,
Dr. Leslie Gold and John Spain, Carol and Eric Haythorne, Victoria Miller,
Kevin and Hatice Morrissey, Susan Pettee and Michael Wise, Bernadette Dunham
and Ray Petryshyn, Mary and Harvey Struthers, Garen and Stephen Tolkin,
Total Dollar Insurance, Carl Tretter, Ann M. West

Lee Backer, Bennett Barsk, Philip Barnes, Deborah Burke, Mabel Chin, Isabel Chiu,
Gerald and Joanne Dreher, Christie Dennis, Leslie Hardware, James Fisher,
Chuck Houghton, Kathryn Johnson (in honor of Mary and Harvey Struthers),
Douglas A. Julin and Karen Hogan, Beatrice Kovasznay, Jane Lee, Louis Levine,
Melissa Manaker, Carlos and Maureen Marino, Elizabeth Merritt, David Nickels,
Kathryn O’Brien, Karen Richards, Rita Sloan, Dr. Carlos Sluzky, Pamela Smith,
Delanne Stageman, Judith M. Stehling and Edgar J. Ariza Nino, Lya Stern,
James Stern, Stephen A. Weisberg, Kerry Wilkerson, Yurong Yang

Donations to the Piano Scholarship, established in memory of beloved CEWM Board Member Elizabeth Fontaine:
Elizabeth Buckholz, Antonin Ciaccio, Carl and Nancy Ciaccio, Anne Marie Fontaine, Lizanne Fontaine, Drs. Mark Cannon and Marcia Levy, Kathleen and Neil Chrisman,
Portia Diamond, Debbie and Lou Duff, Diane Dykes, Gail Erickson and Christa Rice, Joseph C. Hoopers, Martina Kenworthy, Stephanie Louer, Lawrence and Anne Martz,
Dr. Kevin Morrissey, Dorothy and Jerome I. Rosenberg, Elizabeth Rossman,
Rory Rothman, Barbara Snyder, Margaret Soyster, Dr. Leslie Gold and John Spain,
Ellen Telzer, Liz Thompson, Anne West

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